There's A Specific Reason Oranges Are Sold In Red Mesh Bags

Oranges are tough to miss in the produce section with the rind's bright hue, but also thanks to the classic red mesh they always seem to be cocooned in. The reasoning behind the vibrant bags may seem extraneous, but they can actually hold a lot of power over shoppers. Tossing a flawless bag of oranges in the shopping cart may seem like a spontaneous decision, but if the citrus didn't look so fresh and appealing it would likely be less tempting to go off script with recipes. As perfectly orange as the fruit may appear, your eyes could be playing tricks on you.

Some companies have the freedom to embellish their products with eye-catching packaging and trending copy, but farmers and distributors don't have that same advantage when it comes to produce. Nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables have to sell themselves, or do they? Markets love nothing more than shoppers veering away from their grocery list, and with some illusions to the eye, they're able to reel in hungry customers. As it turns out, the color of the packaging is quite intentional. It's a sneaky illusion designed to trick the eye, divulges Reader's Digest. The red tint of the mesh pouch makes orange appear more dynamic, causing the oranges to pop with pigment.

Picking fruit may require a bit more attention

When shopping for citrus, the brighter the fruit, the tastier it looks. The red tones against the color orange creates a phantasm that tells the brain the color of the fruit is more vivid than ever. That seemingly spotless bag of oranges may not have called to you if they were packaged in another color such as green or blue, explains Mental Floss. This tactic not only lures fruit fans toward oranges but encourages them to reach for the bag rather than just one or two, ultimately boosting sales. The marketing behind food packaging goes further than the average shopper may expect.

Oranges aren't the only fruit that pops against a contrasting color. As color theory suggests, per Color Matters, our perception of color can alter depending on a variety of factors like saturation and shade when viewing contrasting pigments. Red mesh bags also make grapefruits, apricots, and other orange fruits shine across the market. The same goes for yellow fruit, like lemons, which are commonly bagged in green in order to make them resemble a more vibrant yellow (via Reader's Digest). Whether the grocery store is a quick pit stop for one item or a fun mid-day rendezvous, don't let their tricky tactics fool you.