The Best Winter Fruits And Vegetables

And, more importantly, recipes to make them shine

Start the year off right with the healthy ingredients, dishes and recipes that will stick with you long after you've abandoned those pesky resolutions. We're going all in on Clean(er) Eating—and drinking, too.

It might be tough to resist swaddling yourself in blankets and indulging in Seamless this month. But believe it or not, opting for takeout over a trip to the winter farmers' market means you'll be missing out on some of the year's best produce.

Despite the season's bleak reputation, you can still find great fruits and veggies in the dead of winter. Root vegetables, bitter greens, tubers and citrus continue to thrive in frosty weather, and are often even heartier and more flavorful this time of year. Consider these nine produce picks, along with simple, delicious recipes to spice them up, your new favorite comfort foods.

Brussels Sprouts

Sweet Potatoes