Trader Joe's New Marshmallow Flavor Features This Classic Candy Combo

Large swaths of the U.S. are still dealing with storms bringing snow, ice, and frigid temperatures, reminding us that winter is still very much upon us. As we dream of warmer days ahead, though, we can still make the most of these chilly days by enjoying cold-weather comforts like mugs filled with steaming hot brews and sweet treats that make us feel nostalgic. As if on cue, Trader Joe's has released a new flavored marshmallow that features a familiar taste profile to get peanut butter lovers through the remainder of the winter months.

This isn't Trader Joe's first flavored marshmallow rodeo. The neighborhood grocery store has offered marshmallows covered in dark chocolate as well as chocolate mint-flavored marshmallows before. Eating at Joe's reviewed both flavors at the time and didn't have a lot of positive feedback to report. The anonymous author of the blog that tested out Trader Joe's products said that both flavors were "sweet and a little cheap tasting." The mint 'mallow was preferred, as it reminded the TJ's blogger of after-dinner mints.

Trader Joe's new Peanut Butter Cocoa Marshmallows feature the grocery chain's everyday marshmallows covered in peanut butter coating and drizzled with chocolate. Combining chocolate and peanut butter is a tale as old as time, and fans of the classic peanut butter cup will recognize the sweet and savory flavors straight away. They're only available for a limited time, good for winter's last hurrah.

The Peanut Butter Cocoa Marshmallows reviews are in

While many Americans anticipate the match-up between the Rams and the Bengals for Super Bowl LVI, Trader Joe's has savory peanut butter and sweet chocolate going head-to-head in a classic sweet treat combo. Reviews are coming in, and consumers have mixed reactions to the new Peanut Butter Cocoa Marshmallows.

Trader Joe's List (@traderjoeslist) is an Instagram account that is not affiliated with the grocery store but tries out new products for its followers. A recent post about the latest marshmallow flavor featured some positive reactions from followers who said they had plans to "eat the whole bag." One Instagrammer said, "Pro tip. They belong in the fridge," and another suggested popping them into a mug of hot chocolate for a treat on the other end of the temperature spectrum. Some followers aren't pleased, however, that the new marshmallows contain gluten and carrageenan. Another customer who loves the traditional peanut butter-chocolate flavor combo had to return the marshmallows because they "tasted like burnt sesame oil."

The Daily Waffle plans to put the Peanut Butter Cocoa Marshmallows out for the big game and suggests pairing them with another classic treat: Danish butter cookies. Peanut butter and chocolate fans have a limited time to decide if the new flavor from Trader Joe's matches the classic taste they love.