You Can Now Get These Martha Stewart Treats Delivered Straight To Your Door

If ever there was a celebrity chef who hustles, it just might be Martha Stewart. Not only has she had a successful career as a model, caterer, and television host with many product lines, but she is now selling everything from CBD gummies and clothing to wine and even baked goods made from her own recipes on Goldbelly (via Progressive Grocer). While fans have undoubtedly found many of Stewart's products in stores, they can now shop for her delicious treats online and have them delivered straight to their door wrapped in her signature blue.

Of course, the new line of Martha Stewart baked goods on Goldbelly do come at a Goldbelly price, which includes the proprietary shipping methods the company uses to ensure the handmade treats are successfully delivered as fresh as can be. Customers can choose from 12 different options, all ranging between $59 and $99, and order directly from the Goldbelly website.

Here's what you can have delivered from Martha Stewart's line of baked goods with Goldbelly

The Martha Stewart Goldbelly collection includes an array of signature cookies and pastries that can be ordered in assortments or single flavors, including chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate pecan cookies, kitchen sink cookies, and her daughter Alexis' cookies. The kitchen sink cookies are described as having, "rolled oats, coconut, dried apricots and cherries, dark chocolate, and toasted pecans," while Alexis' cookies appear to be thin chocolate chip cookies based on the ingredient list. Customers can select an assorted 6-pack for $59, a choose-your-own 9-pack for $79 or a choose-your-own 12-pack for $99.

As for the pastries, Kougin-Amann, danishes, and croissants are available. The selection of croissants includes butter, chocolate, and raisin-swirl. The danishes are available in cream cheese, cherry, and apricot flavors too. For those who are unfamiliar, Kougin-Amann is a light and flaky pastry baked in a muffin tin with sugar and butter that create a beautifully caramelized flavor, according to Progressive Grocer. Customers can buy a pastry or danish assortment of 12, an 8-pack of Kougin-Amann, or 12 butter or assorted croissants for $79.

Fans quickly responded to Stewart's Instagram post sharing the news of her new deliverable partnership and many are excited to try Stewart's baked goods. However, there was also some criticism from fans who were dismayed by the high prices and others who were hoping for gluten-free options.