The Unexpected Inspiration For Martha Stewart's New Las Vegas Restaurant

Martha Stewart is just full of surprises. The perfectly quaffed domestic goddess built an empire on delicious recipes, best-selling cookbooks, a magazine, and a popular television series (via Insider). Nobody expected America's first self-made female billionaire to become besties with Snoop Dogg or spend five months in jail for insider trading — but she did all that, and now she's surprising people again by opening a restaurant in the culinary Mecca of Las Vegas.

According to a press release from Caesars Entertainment, Inc., Stewart's new restaurant, The Bedford by Martha Stewart, is set to open this spring at the Paris Las Vegas hotel. The Bedford has been described as Stewart's "first-ever restaurant," though Food & Wine reports she previously opened the Martha Stewart Café in New York City. The café (which Yelp lists as now closed) had a menu limited to coffee, tea, and pastries — small potatoes compared to what she'll be serving in her Las Vegas restaurant. Make those small potatoes, perfectly roasted with olive oil and a sprig of thyme.

The Bedford will be "a fully-immersive restaurant concept designed to bring Martha's famed country farmhouse in Bedford, NY, to life." When people visit Vegas, they probably don't have "country farmhouse" in mind, but Stewart promises a high-end experience with "delectable" menu options that will leave diners satisfied. We expect no less from Martha.

What will dining at The Bedford by Martha Stewart be like?

Everything that Martha Stewart touches seems to turn to gold — or milk glass, as in the case of her new Las Vegas restaurant. Everything from the menu to the decor is designed to fully immerse patrons in a dining experience they could expect to have at Stewart's Bedford, New York farmhouse.

The Bedford by Martha Stewart will offer dinner, brunch, and holiday menus that feature seasonal foods from local purveyors combined with some of Stewart's personal favorite food products, per the press release. Foods from the Las Vegas Farmer's market will be combined with high-end brands like Urbani Truffles, Frog Hollow Farm, and Roe Caviar, just to name a few. Stewart ensures future patrons that The Bedford will be "immersive, fun, unexpected, and utterly delectable."

Although a farmhouse-style restaurant seems like a new concept for Sin City, that might be the same reason it works. When Martha Stewart tries a new venture, she usually comes out smelling like roses. Award-winning roses that were most likely grown on her farm in Bedford.