Stuffed Puffs Wants To Take Your Valentine's Day Hot Cocoa To The Next Level

You may have assumed hot chocolate was a drink reserved for Christmas, but Stuffed Puffs begs to differ. In celebration of Valentine's Day, the marshmallow brand is releasing a limited edition version of their classic milk chocolate filled marshmallows (via Chew Boom). Instead of the traditional marshmallow shape and color, the Valentine's Day themed Stuffed Puffs are a cute shade of pink and shaped like hearts.

While Stuffed Puffs are used primarily as a two-in-one s'mores staple, according to the brand's official website, the heart-shaped version of the product is best when added into hot chocolate. After all, what says Valentine's Day more than literally making hearts melt?

The limited edition product is currently on sale at select Walmart locations for $3.98 per 8.6 ounce bag, but if you want to stock up and spread the love, they're also available through the Stuffed Puffs website in packs of three for $16.99.

How do you make Stuffed Puffs' Valentine's Day hot cocoa?

From birthday cake to cookies and cream, Stuffed Puffs come in plenty of different flavors. The Valentine's Day one, however, isn't strawberry or peppermint as some pink marshmallows usually are. Instead they are just plain vanilla, making it perfect for hot cocoa.

According to the recipe shared on the package (via Stuffed Puffs), you'll need two to three Stuffed Puffs per one to two cups of milk. No additional cocoa powder or hot chocolate mix is necessary, as it's already in the marshmallow. Simply start by either filling a mug or a small saucepan with milk, and top it off with your Stuffed Puffs. After heating it for a minute and a half in the microwave or on the stove over medium heat, the Stuffed Puffs should be mostly dissolved. At this point, you'll stir the milk until the marshmallow, chocolate, and milk are thoroughly combined. The result is a rich and decadent hot cocoa with a little extra love, thanks to the Valentine's Day Stuffed Puffs.