Why These Birthday Cake Bites Sold At Target Have Just Been Recalled

For those of us who have a demanding sweet tooth, it can be tricky to strike a balance between indulgence and health. Thankfully, over the past few years, the array of whole food, naturally sweetened treats available in supermarkets and online has pretty much exploded. From organic chocolate honey patties to maple syrup-laced coconut gelato, tasty desserts that don't cause a sugar overdose are more within reach than ever these days.

One category of sweet but healthy snacks that seems to be constantly expanding is energy bites and balls that are made from a base of dried fruits and nuts. From Larabar (arguably the pioneer in this category) to Canada-based Nomz, there are plenty of these chewy, sticky treats to choose from. But if you recently purchased Birthday Cake Bites from the San Francisco-based manufacturer Siren Snacks, you might want to read on about a voluntary recall the company issued last week.

Undeclared nut items in Birthday Cake Bites

Are you allergic to cashews or almonds? If so, you're going to want to take a look in your cupboard and see if any Siren Snacks brand Birthday Cake Bites are hiding out in there. A mix of plant proteins, dates, cocoa powder, and sea salt (via Siren Snacks), some packages of these energy balls, which were sold at Target stores, were found to contain undeclared cashew or almond butter that actually caused an allergic reaction in one customer (via the FDA). After the customer reported the reaction, Siren Snacks issued a voluntary recall of the affected lot numbers (found on the front of the bag): 21326, 21335, 21336, and 21340.

Those allergic to almond or cashew butter could have a serious or life threatening allergic reaction to the affected bites, so if that's you, take a quick inventory of your snacks to be safe. The recalled Birthday Cake Bites can be returned to Target stores for a full refund, and the company can also be reached with any concerns at hello@sirensnacks.com or 650-667-0874.