This Is The Most Expensive Pizza In The World

If you thought Little Caesar's raising the price of their famous Hot-N-Ready pizza from $5 to $5.55 was a big deal (via CNN Business), you'll be shocked to see how much the Louis XIII pizza costs. Ranked by Luxatic as the most expensive pizza in the world, there's no chance you'd find a slice quite like it at a chain like Little Caesars. According to Viola's website, the pizza originated in Salerno, Italy, and is prepared exclusively by its inventor, Renato Viola, by special order.

The Louis XIII costs a whopping €8,300 euros, or about $9,250 USD, and for a two-person pizza with a diameter of less than eight inches, that might seem like a rip-off. But what you're really paying for is the ingredients. The pizza is topped with three types of extremely rare caviar, as well as fresh lobster, prawns, and buffalo mozzarella, all of which are seasoned with pink salt imported from Australia.

How is the Louis XIII pizza served?

Considering it's the most expensive pizza in the world, the Louis XIII doesn't just come in any old pizza box. Instead, Renato Viola's three-person catering team — which includes himself in addition to a sommelier and a chef — prepares the pizza from start to finish, excluding the dough, which is proofed 72 hours prior (via Renato Viola). Once the pizza is ready, it's served on special dishes and cutlery provided by Viola's team.

As you'd imagine, a side of Pepsi won't do this pizza justice. So instead, the Louis XIII is paired with, not one, but three types of alcohol: cognac, champagne, and brandy, or more specifically, Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII, Champagne Krug Clos Du Mesnil 1995, and Cardenal Mendoza Sanchez Charter Real Romate Finos. This is just as important to the meal as the pizza itself, especially since the pizza shares a name with the cognac with which it is served.