Turkey And The Wolf's Cookbook Has Been Delayed For A Bizarre Reason

While there have been plenty of issues and reasons for recently delayed restocks and bare grocery store shelves thanks to shortages and supply chain issues, the reason behind the months-long delay of New Orleans resturant Turkey and the Wolf's upcoming cookbook is hardly what you might expect. As it turns out, the cookbook, which was set to be available starting February 15, according to Eater, will not be released until June 21 because the original copies are laying on the ocean floor, just off of the coast of New York. The cargo ship sailed from Taiwan, but encountered bad weather while waiting outside the port where 60 shipping containers, one of which held the new cookbooks, slipped overboard.

While this could be a major set back for some, Mason Hereford, the chef behind the New Orleans eatery named Bon Appetit's best restaurant of 2017, has been able to find humor in the loss. "People keep apologizing to us, telling us they're so sorry to hear this," Hereford told Eater. "But I mean, I'm sorry for anyone that ordered something that has to wait longer to get it, but otherwise, it's so ridiculous we can't help but smile about it, you know?"

Hereford shared the news through a meme posted to the restaurant's Instagram account, and it would appear the unexpected delay hasn't deterred fans from supporting the restaurant.

This is how fellow chefs and fans responded to the absurd news

Everyone from fellow chefs and food photographers to fans of the highly-rated sandwich shop have all commented on the Instagram post to show their support and laugh about the strange mishap, with some even joking they go get the waterlogged books themselves. Celebrity chef Gregory Gourdet wrote, "I mean... What in the actual heck. But we know it will be worth the wait!!!" Vincent Cross, the videographer behind Brad Leone's "It's Alive" series for Bon Appétit, commented, "Let's go get it. I'll grab my camera." Chef Claudette Zepeda joked, "I'm a strong swimmer," to which Made-In cookware CEO Chip Malt responded, "I'm not but I'll drive the safety boat."

While Hereford is responding to the accident as well as anyone could, that doesn't mean he is not taking the issue seriously. In the Instagram post, he explained that those who have already ordered the book should get an email with options and customer support to ensure they get their cookbook later this year. But for those who haven't already ordered the cookbook, there is still time to pre-order a signed copy from the restaurant's website. Just keep your fingers crossed that the second shipment makes it into port without any drama come June.