What Makes The New Pestle Cooking App So Unique

Tired of wiping bolognese sauce fingerprints off your phone as you scroll through a recipe to see the next step? Flustered by having to toggle between web pages with raw chicken hands? So is Will Bishop, the 19-year-old creator of a helpful kitchen app called Pestle that aims to solve common cooking issues.

According to Tech Times, Bishop developed a new app for cooks out of necessity as he found himself increasingly frustrated by familiar kitchen challenges like having to touch his phone with dirty hands, following recipes with confusing instructions, and trying to consolidate his favorite recipes (with personal notes) in one place. Pestle connects to Safari and makes it easy to import recipes to the app via the "share" icon, where cooks can personalize and edit recipes to taste.

Customers who opt for the premium subscription can access hot tips from frequented cooking websites, meal planning guides, news on culinary trends, and shopping lists that sync with Apple Reminders and other Apple devices. Cooks know that many of these features are standard across different kitchen apps and food websites, so Pestle offers some unique options that set it apart from other cooking apps.

Pestle has helpful features for home cooks

Saving and personalizing recipes isn't anything new to cooks who already do this in their Notes, but the Pestle app was created to tackle bigger issues in the kitchen. Aside from storing copied and pasted recipes, Pestle is solving lots of kitchen problems, from dirty hands on phone screens to missing out on cooking with grandma.

According to AppAdvice, Pestle goes beyond saving a good recipe you discovered online and making grocery shopping easier. Cooks can utilize the app's optional guided mode that offers step-by-step instructions and quantity reminders activated with voice controls to minimize scrolling with dirty hands. Units of measurement and scale are easily converted to suit your preference, and the app won't chastise you for not using the metric system. Cooks can set unlimited timers for multiple tasks, so the bread never burns while you're busily caramelizing the onions. For those of us who miss cooking with friends or need to see how mom makes those famous cookies, Pestle brings everyone together virtually via FaceTime with SharePlay support.

Pestle Pro can be downloaded from the App Store for free, or with the addition of the Pestle Pro Lifetime membership for $5, until January 31. After that, the app will cost $9.99 per year or $0.99 monthly.