Netflix Is Getting Its Very Own Iron Chef Reboot

As most fans of the show know, there hasn't been a new episode of "Iron Chef America" since 2018. The Food Network canceled the culinary game show after a successful 13 seasons on air, leaving viewers with only reruns to get their "Iron Chef" fix. But later this year, the show is getting a reboot on Netflix, the streaming platform officially announced on their website. The new series will be called "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend" and is confirmed for an eight-episode run.

Instead of continuing where season 13 left off, Netflix explains that the series will be "reborn with a supersized approach." Much like the original, world-class chefs will compete against each other in culinary challenges that put their skills and creativity to the test. In the reboot however, this will take place in a "reimagined Kitchen Stadium." Then in the season finale, the highest scoring Challenger Chef will compete in a final challenge to be named not just the "Iron Chef," but the "Iron Legend."

Michael Symon has confirmed he's not involved in the Iron Chef reboot

Though "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend" won't be produced by the Food Network, Deadline explains that the show is still in good hands, as production duties will be assumed by Keller Productions in association with 3 Ball Productions. Eytan Keller, the director-producer behind Keller Productions, was the executive producer of "Iron Chef America," while Daniel Calin, who will be acting as both a showrunner and an executive producer, previously worked on "MasterChef," "Top Chef," and Nailed It!.

As for which of our favorite celebrity chefs will be brought back, Netflix seemingly denied any returns, saying the show would instead be based around "five new trailblazing Iron Chefs." And, Michael Symon, who has appeared on nearly every single "Iron Chef" special and spin-off, confirmed he will not be appearing in the reboot. "Not involved .. I believe [it] was purchased by another network," he wrote on Twitter. With or without Symon, though, "Iron Chef" fans still seem to be pretty stoked about the show coming back.