Krispy Kreme Just Partnered With The American Red Cross For A Sweet Giveaway

The American Red Cross recently announced that, for the first time, they are experiencing a blood crisis that is putting health care professionals and patients in a challenging position (via American Red Cross). Krispy Kreme wants to help and is giving folks a dozen reasons to donate blood over the next few days.

The American Red Cross is asking all eligible Americans to donate blood as they face the "worst blood shortage in a decade." Among many other COVID-related issues, the pandemic has significantly decreased the number of people donating blood, and the Delta and Omicron variants have worsened the shortage as people cancel appointments and staffing shortages create problems at blood drives. The organization announced the crisis on January 11 and is calling on the American people to help replenish their supplies so that others can get the medical care they need. 

The organization needs all blood types, especially O positive and O negative, and Krispy Kreme has heard their call. In a press release, the bakery has announced that they'll be sweetening the deal for those who donate by teaming up with the Red Cross. Krispy Kreme Chief Marketing Officer Dave Skena said, "We're grateful for all that the American Red Cross does for our country and we want to help them. Hopefully a free Original Glazed dozen will increase awareness and even mobilize those who can give blood."

Krispy Kreme will give a dozen doughnuts to those who donate blood

We've all seen the lines of people around a Krispy Kreme waiting to get their hands on a single doughnut, so giving a dozen rings of sugary goodness to people who donate blood will likely be an effective incentive. In the recent press release, the doughnut shop announced that it has partnered with the American Red Cross in an effort to end the current blood shortage crisis by giving a dozen glazed doughnuts to people who donate blood or platelets from January 24 through 31.

The blood shortage is mainly due to issues caused by the pandemic, and this isn't the first time that the doughnut chain has offered sweet incentives to combat COVID complications. Last year, Krispy Kreme offered free doughnuts to customers who received their vaccine and four hours of paid time off for employees who got vaccinated (via USA Today). They encourage their employees and all eligible Americans to roll up their sleeves again and donate blood to help end this critical shortage.

Krispy Kreme hopes that offering a dozen doughnuts per person will also incentivize folks to share their sweet treats with others, encouraging them to donate blood as well. Anyone who donates blood from today until the end of January can show off their donation sticker or confirm donation through their Red Cross blood donor app to get 12 free glazed doughnuts at any participating Krispy Kreme shop.