The Best Ways To Store Ice Cream In Your Freezer

Whether you are someone who loves to keep a gallon of ice cream in staple flavors like vanilla or mint chocolate chip on hand, or a collection of pints ranging in your favorite flavors like cherry chocolate chip or creamy pistachio, no one likes icy ice cream. Freezer burn and ice crystals that form on the top of opened ice cream can really ruin the whole bowl if you are not careful to store it well. Fortunately, doing so is actually very easy and does not require any special equipment unless you are really serious about your pints.

With the right techniques, you can insulate your ice cream from changing temperatures, freezer burn, or other factors that could lead to degradation. And when your ice cream is well protected, it will stay fresher for longer which makes everyone happy. Consider using one of these methods the next time you need to stash a pint or two. 

Place it in the back of the freezer

No matter how much of an ice cream aficionado you are, the best thing you can do for ice cream is to store it in the far back of your freezer (via Serious Eats). The goal is to put as much space between the container and the freezer door as possible. That's because every time you open the freezer, warm air rushes in and causes the items in the door and at the front of the freezer to thaw and refreeze slightly every time.

If you happen to have an extra freezer available, then that is an even better option since it is not regularly used. The Kitchn goes as far as to suggest storing ice cream in a chest freezer if you have one because you're less likely to open it as often and because it stays at a lower temperature than the freezer attached to your fridge. So, think about your storage options and give your ice cream the space it needs to avoid temperature fluctuation. 

Create a new seal on top of the ice cream

While that's a great start for storing your ice cream, it isn't all that you can do. There's actually another genius trick you can use to help keep freezer burn at bay, and you've likely already seen it in action. When you first get a fresh container of ice cream, there tends to be a seal on it. Whether it's a band of plastic around the outside of the container and top or a sheet sealed to the rim of the container under the lid, there's a barrier in place to keep air out. What you probably didn't realize is that you can recreate this at home too.

According to Baking Bites, you can use wax paper or parchment paper to cover your ice cream after it has been opened to keep the freezer air from touching and drying your ice cream. All you need to do is press it down so that the paper or plastic wrap is touching the ice cream itself. This will act as a protective barrier and should keep it from getting freezer burned.

Try using these easy steps and take note as to how well your ice cream will actually keep at home.