How To Keep Ice Cream Perfectly Scoopable

Show freezer burn who's boss with this simple trick

No one ever wishes for a bowl of ice cream soup, and a good freezer keeps your ice cream rock solid. But then that requires letting it come to temp at snack time and killing time while sticky freezer burn melts away. Why wait for a good thing? You can have your ice cream and eat it, too, with this simple trick:

Place your ice cream container in a plastic bag before putting it in the freezer.

Since freezer burn makes ice cream harder to scoop, deposit the carton in a large-enough bag (which, if you're like us, is a gallon) and squeeze out all the air—and that's it. As long as you can close a Ziploc bag, you'll never have to feel the freezer burn again. To take things one step further, dunk your ice cream scoop in warm water before you go in for the kill. It'll warm the ice cream just enough to create the perfect mound of joy.

Freezer burn happens when air hits frozen food, so you're bypassing the issue by protecting it with one more layer of insulation. An added bonus? The bag also keeps your ice cream from absorbing that freezer smell. You know the one.