Tripadvisor's Top Food Destinations For 2022 Probably Won't Surprise You

If you love traveling either domestically or internationally, chances are you've utilized the website Tripadvisor, where users rank hotels, restaurants, and local attractions on characteristics such as location, cleanliness, service, and value (via Tripadvisor). Every year, the site analyzes all this data from its users, compiling best-of lists for its annual Travelers' Choice Awards, which recognize top destinations, hotels, beaches, activities, and restaurants.

Though the travel industry continues to suffer as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tripadvisor's data reveals that 71% of Americans said they're likely to travel for leisure in 2022 (via Food & Wine). To that end, globetrotters will want to check out the site's newly released Top Destinations for Food Lovers, a list of 25 cities that the site's users have ranked as cooking up delicious, must-try dishes. Want to take a look? You probably won't find many surprises among the destinations, the majority of which are large cities well known for their contributions to gastronomy.

Rome, London, and Paris top Tripadvisor's list for 2022

If you're even a casual lover of food, you probably already know that world destinations such as Rome, London, and Paris are packed to the gills with delicious bites. So it's really no surprise that these three major cities top Tripadvisor's list of must-visit culinary destinations for the year ahead.

With regards to Rome, the site cites fresh pasta, fried artichokes, oxtail stew, and espresso as some of the foodie delights to be enjoyed; in London, a pint in an old-school pub; and in Paris, pain au chocolat, the flaky croissant stuffed with chocolate that goes so well with a café au lait.

If you're looking to travel this year but have already visited the above cities as well as some of the list's other well known European and American spots — Madrid, New York, and Florence made the cut, too — there are some more cities to be explored. How about Cartagena, Colombia, a Caribbean coast fishing village with impressive historic architecture? Or the "Red City" of Marrakech, Morocco? Dim sum and hot tea in Hong Kong? If your appetite is piqued, there are more than enough destinations to add to your travel list.