New IPA Embraces The Flavors Of Dale's Pale Ale With A Twist

Have you ever cracked open a cold Dale's Pale Ale? Brewed by the Lyons, Colorado-founded Oskar Blues Brewery, it's a super-hoppy 6.5% ABV ale characterized by the flavors of "pale malts and citrusy floral hops" — but what really sets it apart is its packaging (via Oskar Blues). According to an Oskar Blues press release, the brewery was the first to ever package craft beer in a can instead of a bottle — a move that "sent shockwaves through the beer industry." Though the still-nascent craft beer movement was at the time shipping its products in bottles, many breweries actually followed Oskar Blues' lead to can its beers, as cans actually keep beer fresher by limiting its exposure to light and oxygen (via Family Fare).

Dale's Pale Ale was first canned back in 2002 — and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of that bold decision, Oskar Blues is releasing a new brew that's an even hoppier take on its revolutionary progenitor.

Double Dale's doubles down on the hops

20 years ago, Oskar Blues Brewery switched things up in the craft beer industry when it first packaged its flagship brew Dale's Pale Ale in a can and not a bottle (via Oskar Blues) — a move that's since been widely copied by other breweries (via The Swaen). Not only does canned beer stay fresher longer, but, as noted in a recent Oskar Blues press release, it's easier to travel with on the hiking trail, a feature that's undoubtedly important for outdoorsy Coloradans. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of this momentous decision, according to the press release, Oskar Blues has released Double Dale's Imperial IPA which ups the hops ante of the original brew.

"Double Dale's captures some of the citrus and caramel character of Dale's, while achieving its own unique flavor profile and identity," said Juice Drapeau, head brewer at Oskar Blues' Lyons location. "We wanted to create something new and fresh that would live up to the legacy Dale's Pale Ale created — most importantly being a boundary stomping, hopped-up beer."

Double Dale's contains both tropical-scented El Dorado and "complex" Talus hops, and is brewed with mineral-laced water, resulting in a bold ale with flavors of fruit, pine, and caramel, shared the brand. The new beer is available on draft, as well as — naturally — in cans.