The Clever Trick That Will Prevent Splattered Batter

If you've invested in a stand mixer or hand mixer, chances are it's because you bake fairly frequently. As far as kitchen gadgets go, they certainly save a lot of time and effort. You can just dump all the ingredients in a bowl, and let the mixer take care of all the whisking, kneading, or stirring. Of course, this can easily be rendered useless if you're working with a very liquidy batter. If that's the case, you can best believe you'll end up being splattered by the ingredients you just measured out, cleaning up the extra mess, and possibly starting over. 

Whether it be pancake batter with some extra buttermilk, or a double batch of cupcakes, sometimes the speed of a mixer gets the best of you. Of course you could always start off mixing your batter by hand, or just put on an apron and back away, but technically there's an easier way around unexpected splatters.

All you need is a paper plate

If you do a lot of baking, you'll want to stock up on some paper plates. As great as they are for serving food, they also function as the perfect splatter guard for your mixer. According to Cuisine at Home, you'll start by cutting through the paper plate until you reach the center, at which point you'll make a small hole, only large enough to accommodate for the mixer attachment. 

If you're using a hand mixer specifically, Self instead suggests using the pointy end of one of the beaters to poke two holes in the plate. Then, just before you're ready to flip the switch on the mixer, you can slide on the paper plate. As shown by Cuisine at Home, this works best when the bowl is slightly smaller than the plate, but either way it'll cut down on any mess that would've occurred otherwise, and it's definitely worth a try next time you use your mixer.