Trader Joe's New Product Combines 2 Fast Food Classics

Indecisive fast food fans no longer have to make Door Dash work overtime filling multiple orders to satisfy their cravings and it's all thanks to a new combo from Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's List just released a picture of the new Trader Joe's Cheeseburger Burrito on Instagram, and followers aren't sure if they are excited or scared.

Trader Joe's List  is an official Instagram account run by Natasha Fischer that is not affiliated with the neighborhood grocery store (per BuzzFeed News). The popular account with 1.7 million followers has been dedicated to reviewing new products from Trader Joe's for over ten years. When the new cheeseburger burrito dropped, Fischer posted a few pics of the fast food combo. The first picture shows the label describing the burrito as "cooked seasoned beef crumble with cheddar cheese, onions, tomatoes, and dill pickle relish in a flour tortilla," and the second image shows its nutritional information. Her post then begs the question, "How do we like pickles in our burritos?" Her followers didn't hesitate to answer.

One person said, "This looks terrible. I need 200 of them." Another follower who tried it reported that it had good flavor and the pickles didn't overwhelm the burrito, but someone else won't even give it a go and said, "You lost me at relish." Many List followers divulge that, like fast food, this is a guilty pleasure they are willing to eat, but some pump the brakes after reviewing the nutritional information.

Trader Joe's Cheeseburger Burrito is a fast food combo in every way

Trader Joe's is known for its private-label specialty products that have amassed an impressive fan base. Although many shoppers associate the Trader Joe's label with healthy foods, the grocery store is not above selling products that would make a nutritionist shake their head with disapproval (via Eat This, Not That!). The new cheeseburger burrito (and its nutritional information) is one such decadent treat that followers are reviewing in this Instagram by Trader Joe's List.

Some followers commenting on the classic fast food combo can get down with pickles in their burrito but can't handle the high fat, sodium, and calorie content listed in the nutritional information. Jeff Nelson says, "31 grams of FAT? Pass. If I want something this decadent, I'll get it at a restaurant and not know the nutritional guide." Ignoring that information is usually a good rule of thumb when one is about to combine two fast food favorites.

Since a few followers have tried the new Trader Joe's Cheeseburger Burrito, it's safe to assume that it's available at select locations, although it isn't listed on the website yet. Opinions are divided on the burger burrito but most Instagram followers seem open to trying it if they can find it.