The Big Change You Can Expect From Season 4 Of The Migrant Kitchen

Most people associate American cuisine with hot dogs and hamburgers, and some might even say there's no such thing. But PBS' docuseries "The Migrant Kitchen" proves otherwise. Following the stories of first-generation American chefs, "The Migrant Kitchen" introduces audiences to the heart of American cuisine through the immigrant experience of several chefs (via Eater).

For the past three seasons, the docuseries has focused on the diverse food culture of California. However, upcoming episodes will highlight other locations across the United States, including Brooklyn, Houston, Portland, and Puerto Rico. Los Angeles will be the only California city to be featured in season four.

In addition to exploring individual restaurants and their unique flavors and techniques, "The Migrant Kitchen" will offer a broader perspective on the impact of America's immigration history and how it affected the culinary industry as a whole (via KCET). That includes exploring the female-led traditions of Korean cooking in Brooklyn, and the agricultural oppression that shaped Houston's local cuisine.

Where can you watch The Migrant Kitchen?

Because the show was originally produced by Life and Thyme exclusively for California PBS affiliate KCET, the season four premiere of "The Migrant Kitchen" will first air on the KCET station and its website on January 25. It will then be made available to viewers outside of the Southern California region (via Eater). The first episode, featuring Los Angeles' food scene, is scheduled to be released on January 29 through LinkTV. And by January 31, you'll also be able to stream it on and the PBS app.

If you haven't managed to watch the first three seasons, "The Migrant Kitchen" is fortunately a quick binge-watch. The PBS SoCal website lists only four 30-minute episodes for season two, while season one and three both have six. Quality over quantity certainly rings true for this Emmy-winning, James Beard-nominated show, and it seems like it's about to get even better come season four.