Reddit's Most Surprising Wine Predictions For 2022

The pandemic is still raging along with inflation, and wild weather patterns have affected major wine-growing regions which in turn affects the availability of the libations we sometimes enjoy. A recent Reddit post addresses how these issues have changed what consumers want and what producers can make, and predicts some possible wine trends for 2022.

According to Wine Enthusiast, changing weather patterns are affecting all aspects of wine production. Severe temperatures in either direction are changing the amount of grapes produced and their harvest seasons, and some of the ideal growing regions are now dealing with drought or flooding that can sometimes ruin their grapes. The drastic decrease of certain grapes in many regions signals a "resurgence of blends over single varietals" to one Redditor. Some commenters predict that the decline in production from well-known regions like France will create demand for wines from Argentina and Spain, allowing them to shine and become popular in their own rights.

One unfortunate prediction that continually pops up in this Reddit post is the increase in prices that might result from major regions not being able to produce the same amount of wine that they usually do. Crops in France and Italy were hit hard by severe weather, and that has Redditors worried not only about their Champagne and red wine supply, but also about a potential price hike.

Which wines will people be drinking in 2022?

The biggest trend to look out for, according to the wine connoisseurs of Reddit, is bubbles. Many of the followers of this post predict that sparkling rosé, Prosecco, and Cava will increase in popularity, and the pros seem to agree that other sparkling wines will be in demand after seeing a shortage in the production of Champagne due to changing climate conditions in France (per Decanter). Also, in lieu of Champagne, Reddit foresees an upward trend in pétillant naturel, or pet nat for short, which is a French sparkling wine that gets its bubbles from a centuries-old fermentation method (via Delish). One user says, "Pet nat will catch on. It's very interesting. Lots of styles. Popular with the young crowd. Vibrant colors will be a standout in cafes [and] restaurants."

Regions that had more successful growing seasons are getting their due attention. One follower predicts that South African Sauvignon blanc will gain in popularity after production out of New Zealand took a hit (per Beverage Industry Enthusiast). A Redditor who works at a wine retailer has seen the store's Spanish wine selection grow and also notes that "Moscato is unbelievably popular." It seems that branching out from tried and true favorites is trending in 2022.

New packaging and containers are also on trend

Supply chain issues have also affected upcoming wine trends for 2022. According to Forbes, everything from glass bottle shortages to transportation and storage issues has affected wineries from California to Europe. Commenters in this Reddit post suggest that the new year will see wine available in new packaging that aims to keep costs down while meeting consumer demand.

Opinions are divided on half-bottles and lightweight glass bottle trends. Some followers like smaller bottles and thinner bottles that require less glass, but many Redditors suggest that producing half bottles isn't cost-effective for winemakers and feel "cheaper." One change that some predict is an increase in screw tops on wine bottles instead of corks. According to the California Wine Club, screw tops are less expensive for wineries, and those savings can benefit customers.

Wine Redditors are also all about seeing more cans and boxes of wine becoming available as customers want convenience and bang for their buck. Followers want to see more high-quality wine in boxes, and a few wonder if sparkling wine could be boxed as well. One commenter notes the rise in popular canned seltzer drinks and thinks that "wines should really be right there next to them."