These Are The Best Items To Buy From Sur La Table's Winter Sale

Adding to your kitchen collection can be really expensive if you don't take advantage of sales like Sur La Table's winter event. Whether you have had your eye on a heritage piece from brands like a Staub or Le Creuset or you have always wanted to try Ina Garten's go-to vanilla brand, Nielsen Massey, now is the time to add those items to your cart. Though select items will only be on sale until Monday, January 17, others will be available to shop while supplies lasts. To top it off, shoppers will find up to 55% off of the included items, making this a hard sale to pass up.

With discounts reaching more than half off, everyone should take a look at this winter sale. From splurging on a few pieces to add to your collection to purchasing a long-overdue replacement for your go-to kitchenware, Tasting Table has found some of the very best deals to consider. With deep price tag slashes and unparalleled quality, these items might not be available much longer.

Classic Le Creuset Dutch Oven

One of the best (and most iconic) items included in Sur La Table's winter sale is the Le Creuset Signature Oval Dutch Oven. This 8-quart enameled cast iron pot is perfect for everything from baking bread and making large batches of soup to deep frying and perfectly cooking a tender roast in the oven. With so much room, this dutch oven can handle cooking for a large family or crowd.

Of course, this heritage kitchen piece comes with a hefty original price of $439.95. But you can get it for $299.96 during the sale, and you can choose from seven different colors to best match your kitchen or your tastes.

Le Creuset Sauteuse

Those who don't need quite so much space for large recipes might be better off investing in the Le Creuset Sauteuse which holds a comfortable 3½-quarts. This enameled cast iron post still has high enough walls to accommodate small batches of deep frying, but it is great for recipes like casseroles, braises, and stirring up one-pot meals.

The sauteuse usually goes for $299.95, but it is retailing for just $179.96 during the sale. With eight colors to choose from, you can match it to other pieces you might already have.

All Clad Nonstick Skillets

All Clad makes incredible cookware that conducts heat really well; and this Sur La Table exclusive is not one to miss during the sale. The collection of three skillets includes 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch pans, which feature a durable nonstick coating and a handle on both sides for easier lifting. That means you can easily sautée vegetables in one while searing steaks in another. These skillets are also great for whipping up omelets or pancakes. Though the set is typically $225, you can get all three for just $139.96 during the winter sale.

Philips Premiere Airfryer XXL

It's no secret that air fryers have become a must-have countertop appliance for many kitchens, but if you have not yet taken the plunge, this sale just might be the time to buy. The Philips Premiere Airfryer XXL can cook up to three pounds of food at a time, making it great for fast family meals. 

The product description boasts how easy the fryer is to clean, making it perfect for anyone interested in air frying but concerned about removing the excess oil and fat left in the machine after cooking. During the sale, the $349.50 air fryer is just $179.99.

Zwilling Pro 6-Piece Ceramic Block Set

Few things are as valuable in the kitchen as good knives, and the discounted Zwilling Pro 6-Piece Ceramic Knife Block Set is the perfect opportunity to level-up your kitchen tools. Each knife is made with forged high-carbon steel and features a sturdy full-tang for exceptional knife work and easy handling.

This set includes all of the basic knives every kitchen should have: a 3-inch paring knife, a 5-inch serrated knife, an 8-inch chef's knife and a pair of kitchen shears. The set also includes a 9-inch sharpening rod and the ceramic block to safely and securely store your new knives. Get it now for $279.96 as opposed to the usual $490.

Staub Shallow Cocette with Steamer Insert

While Sur La Table's winter sale includes a wide variety of Staub pieces comparable to Le Creuset's offerings, this pick in particular is a great option for buyers. The Staub Shallow Cocette with Steamer Insert is also made from tried-and-true cast iron, making it great for braising and roasting. However, the steamer insert is what really sets it apart.

With the addition of the steamer basket that fits down into the cocette, you can easily accomplish even more with this 4-quart cooking vessel. Originally priced at $557, this is a steal at just $299.96 during the winter sale.

Nielsen Massey extracts

As stated above, The Barefoot Contessa (aka Ina Garten) recommends Nielsen Massey's vanilla extract on her website. The good news for everyone in search of that "good vanilla" Garten is always talking about is that this item, along with many others from the extract brand, are all part of Sur La Table's winter sale. The not so good news? Well, the discounts aren't quite as impressive as other deals we listed above. Still, if you're searching for something extra special for your cooking and baking, it will be well worth your time to check out what is being offered.

Vanilla extract is on sale for $21.96 for four ounces, down from the usual $26.95; or you could try the vanilla paste at $24.96 for four ounces, down from $29.95. Looking for something totally different? The Nielsen Massey also sells rose water, which is on sale for $7.96 instead of its usual $10.