Au Bon Pain Says Happy Birthday To Its Famous Breakfast Sandwich With A Can't-Miss Deal

If you've ever been stuck in an airport or gotten lost in the mall, chances are you've found your way into an Au Bon Pain, the fast-casual cafe chain that offers a variety of sandwiches, breads, and pastries (via Au Bon Pain). Today, there are around 170 Au Bon Pain locations in the U.S., though that could change soon, as the chain was recently sold by ABP Corp (which is itself a subsidiary of Panera Bread) to Ampex Brands, reports Baking Business.

While Au Bon Pain may see some changes in the future, its tried-and-true menu items appear to be sticking around. One of which — the loaded Good Egg breakfast sandwich — has been a fan favorite for years. The chain is celebrating the anniversary of this popular sandwich becoming a permanent fixture on the Au Bon Pain menu, and, to mark the occasion, offering a major breakfast deal.

A breakfast sandwich and a coffee for just $3

If you've ever stopped into an Au Bon Pain for breakfast, you may have tried one of the chain's most popular a.m. items, The Good Egg. The loaded breakfast sandwich features a toasted rustic baguette spread with bright lemon aioli, capped with two fried eggs, melty New York cheddar, sliced tomato and avocado, and spinach (via Au Bon Pain). Introduced a few years back, The Good Egg became a fan favorite and was permanently added to the chain's breakfast menu on January 17, 2017 — an occasion Au Bon Pain is commemorating with a hot deal on the hefty sandwich.

According to an Au Bon Pain press release, customers can pick up a Good Egg, plus a small coffee, for just $3 next Monday, the 17th, and Tuesday, the 18th — no coupons or codes needed. Since the sandwich alone usually runs about $5, this is a pretty major deal. So if you're an Au Bon Pain fan (or just love breakfast sandwiches), kick off your next work week with a discounted breakfast at the chain.