Oreo Is Celebrating Its 110 Birthday With A Festive New Flavor

Is there any packaged cookie more iconic than the Oreo? If so, we can't think of it: this classic combo of two chocolate wafer cookies sandwiched around a sweet white creme filling has been delighting shoppers' palates for decades and is consistently among the best-selling cookie brands in the United States (via The Spokesman-Review). Along the way, the treat (originally produced by Nabisco and now made by Mondelez International) has kept snackers intrigued with an almost countless number of variations on the original, releasing various shapes, sizes, and flavors ranging from carrot cake to peanut butter to dark chocolate (via Oreo).

Created in 1912, Oreo is celebrating its 110th birthday this year — a momentous occasion the brand is marking with the release of a fun new flavor inspired by a classic birthday treat that's likely to cause a stir among cookie fans (via the Mondelez International).

Oreo's birthday flavor is chocolate confetti cake!

If you've set foot inside a supermarket anytime in the past three decades, you're very likely to have noticed Funfetti in all its forms: the rainbow sprinkle-laced cake and frosting was originally introduced by Pillsbury in 1989, and has since expanded its reign way beyond cake to be featured in foods as diverse as oatmeal, sugar cookies, and even martinis (via The New York Times). Rainbow sprinkles bring both color and texture to the party, which is why it makes sense that Oreo is celebrating its 110th birthday with the release of a new Chocolate Confetti Cake flavor.

According to a press release, the new flavor is Oreo's first to feature multicolored sprinkles both mixed into and on top of the chocolate wafers, plus folded into the creme filling. "Our celebration is inspired by the magical birthday moment that spans generations and cultures ... close your eyes, blow out the candles, and make a wish," Sydney Kranzmann, Oreo's U.S. brand manager, explained in the release.

The limited-edition cookie is already available for pre-sale on the Oreo website, and will hit stores nationwide on January 31. The company is also running a sweepstakes in which U.S.-based participants are eligible to win a variety of exciting prizes, such as a baking class with pastry chef Dominique Ansel. If you love Oreos and you love cake, you'll want to get in on this special birthday celebration.