The Unexpected Reason Taco Bell's New Meal Subscription Has Twitter Divided

Taco Bell is always coming up with new promotions, from a taco with a Doritos shell to a Speakeasy serving up chalupas. The chain recently announced a new subscription service that gets fast food fans one free taco per day for about $10 per month. When the service was announced, many fans took to Twitter to discuss the pros and cons of a taco subscription, but a tweet suggesting an altruistic use for the service has people divided.

The "Taco Lover's Pass" promises to save Taco Bell enthusiasts some cash, as long as they stop by daily and can limit their order to that one free taco. (One Twitter user asks, "Who's going to Taco Bell for a single taco? That's like paying $10/mo for daily fries at McDonald's.") The pass is accessed through the Taco Bell app, and consumers can choose from seven different tacos on the menu. The evil genius behind the promotion is that it only covers one taco per day, so fans need to place a small daily order to reap the financial savings. Taco Bell tested the pass with a trial that ran for the month of November 2021 in Tucson, Arizona, which the company says "brought new customers to its app," according to CNET.

In response to the nationwide rollout, a few users on Twitter suggested using the pass to help feed homeless people, sparking debate on whether or not that's a good idea.

Can Taco Bell's "Taco Lover's Pass" help the homeless?

Taco Bell's new "Taco Lover's Pass" is a promo created to turn sporadic customers into fanatics by encouraging them to order daily to get their $10 worth. Recently, some Twitter users suggested buying the taco pass and giving it to a homeless person, which sparked a debate on the pros and cons of this action.

One tweet about the topic gained a lot of attention, with the user writing "If you see a homeless person near a taco bell, sign em up and cover that." While many were supportive of this statement, others strongly disagreed, suggesting there were better ways to support and feed the homeless or saying they felt Taco Bell wouldn't be good to eat that regularly.

Regardless of varying opinions on the flavor or quality of food served at Taco Bell, some who supported the idea identified one big problem: the pass is only available through the app. Twitter users were quick to come up with solutions, tweeting messages like, "@tacobell just throwin' this out there: If you could create a version of this that doesn't require a smartphone app, this would be a big help to the poor and homeless."

One thing people appear to agree on is making the pass more accessible for all, regardless of their own opinion on the chain's food.