The Ingredient That Will Change Your Egg Salad Forever

If you have eggs and mayonnaise, then it's only a few quick steps before you've got yourself an egg salad. It's a reliable sandwich filling that only really takes two ingredients to make, and its simplicity is all a part of its delicious appeal — egg salad is pretty much perfect as is. Of course, you can always add more ingredients like chives, diced pickles, or parsley to enhance things, but it won't be as convenient to whip up. You can even season the mix with paprika or chili powder, but for many it won't hit the spot the same way as the OG. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your egg salad while also maintaining the integrity of the classic, streamlined recipe, switching up the mayonnaise is your best bet. 

How so? Instead of using the standard American-made mayonnaise, Just One Cookbook recommends opting for the Japanese kind, specifically the Kewpie mayonnaise brand. This favorite can be found at just about any Asian supermarket or even in the international aisle of your local grocery store. But why go for Kewpie above all others?

What makes Kewpie mayo better for egg salad?

Simply put, Kewpie is uniquely good. It'll make your egg salad creamier and add another dimension of savory umami flavor that you can only get from this beloved brand.

Of course, you'll probably want a little more detail here. First, know that mayonnaise in its most basic form is an emulsion of eggs, vinegar, and oil. It's worth noting that American mayo and Japanese mayo use different types of vinegar. American styles tend to use more acidic distilled vinegar, while Kewpie uses sweeter and lighter rice vinegar (via Thrillist). But the main difference lies in the eggs themselves. American mayo uses both the egg yolk and the white, while Kewpie mayo uses only the yolk, making it a lot richer and eggier, more like a custard. 

Japanese eggs are also different than American ones because the chickens in Japan are likewise unique, being free-range hens that lay eggs with relatively dark yolks. Many maintain that these hens lay higher-quality eggs and that better eggs yield better-tasting mayo. And, really, what better way to take your egg salad to the next level than by adding more egg?