Simple & Crisps Gluten-Free Fruit Crisps

Simple & Crisp's fruit crisps are a gluten-free revelation

Dried fruit snacks aren't exactly earth-shattering.

But Simple & Crisp's paper-thin fruit crisps ($9 for 11 grams; a total of 30 crisps) are like dried apricots' cooler, modern cousins.

Created by Seattle-based editor and former publicist Jane Yuan as a gluten-free alternative to crackers, the wafer-thin crisps are made from sustainably grown fruit. They're hand-sorted and slow-dried daily, some with a hint of organic cane sugar.

Dress up your ice cream cone.

Both sweet and tart, the crisps are versatile and shockingly habit-forming: Even our skeptical editorial director couldn't stop crunching them.

Our favorite versions, the Valencia orange and the seasonally available blood orange, are a sweet-tart, acidic counterpoint to creamy cheeses like Brillat-Savarin; crumble them over ice cream for a Creamsicle®-like dessert, or use them as an eye-catching cocktail garnish.

Summer cocktails just got prettier.

The chewier pear and apple versions are best floated in punch or sangria, or wrapped with cured meats for a no-fuss appetizer.

When it comes to dried fruit, Simple & Crisp is raisin' the bar.