How To Make Cheese - Best Schools And Tours

Get cheesy on your next food adventure

You know farm-to-table like the back of your hand. But what about curds-and-whey-to-cheese board? There's a lot to be said for the age-old methods of making artisanal cheese–one of our favorite all-natural nutritious foods. Learn more about the delectable world of dairy with these cheese-centric classes and app–each worth planning a trip around.

Camp Awesome: Serious cheese lovers only should apply to the Murray's Cheese bootcamp in New York City. The intensive, three-day course includes an introduction to milk chemistry, a primer in affinage (the art of aging cheese), a history of the stinky stuff, and a wine-versus-beer pair-off. $695 per person; dates in June, September and November

Down the Farm: In the heart of Oregon's Coast Range wine region, Kookoolan Farms offers an impressive array of cheese making classes, all of which conclude with a substantial tasting. Learn how to make Gouda, stretch mozzarella, or start with a basic soft cheese class, which covers everything from fromage blanc to Brie. $45 to $95 per person; various dates throughout the summer and fall

Trail Mix: As you sip your way from Sonoma to San Francisco, check out the California Cheese Trail map and app. It lists the area's cheese makers and when they're open. Duck into one of the many locations–including the famed Cowgirl Creamery, Straus Family Creamery and Marin French Cheese Company–for a tasting, class or tour. Download the free map and app.