Bunches & Bunches Provisions Mexican Sauces

Small-batch Mexican sauces from Bunches & Bunches Provisions

Even a master can mess up a mole.

Which is why we're glad Tamalpais Roth-McCormick started a line of three Mexican sauces ($13 for 15 ounces) through her company, Bunches & Bunches Provisions.

Roth-McCormick, a Portland, Oregon-based chef and former caterer, cooks the all-natural sauces in small batches. She uses local ingredients whenever possible, although becauseĀ chiles do not readily grow in the Pacific Northwest, she sources her Mexican chiles from an importer in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Lacquer short ribs or steak with the complex Smoked Oaxacan Mole; simmer chicken or pulled pork in the milder, sweeter Red Dried Chilaca Mole version. Dip vegetables or chips into the Green Fire-Roasted Chile sauce, which has a pleasant citrus bite.

Aside from their flavor, the real beauty of the sauces lies in their time-saving benefits: You'll spare yourself an afternoon of chopping, grinding and simmering.

And that leaves you plenty of time to fix yourself a Margarita.