Caveman Cookies - New World Health From The Old World

Caveman-inspired cookies

The Paleo lifestyle, based on cavemen's hunter-gatherer diets, is making what's really, really old new again.

Along with the diet's growing popularity, as evidenced by recent cookbooks and websites, we foresee success for Caveman Cookies. The treats are made solely with ingredients that our prehistoric ancestors were able to find, including nut meal, honey, dried fruit and the like.

Available in five flavors ($6.25 per box), all of the cookies are gluten- and dairy-free, and are high in fiber and protein. Because no butter or leavening agents are used, they're appealingly dense and chewy.

Caveman Cookies' latest flavor, the just-released New World, incorporates slightly more "modern" ingredients, so to speak, in the form of maple syrup, cranberries and pumpkin. Other favorites include the Rainforest, lightly spiced with cayenne pepper, and the Tropical flavor, studded with macadamia nuts and coconut.

After a few cookies, chances are you'll cave in.