Food: Vegetarian Home Cooking By Mary McCartney

Mary McCartney pens her first cookbook

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You undoubtedly already know Paul, and we're sure you've heard of Stella.

But there's another McCartney progeny making a name for herself: Mary McCartney, who first followed in her mother Linda's footsteps as an accomplished photographer and has now penned a cookbook titledĀ Food: Vegetarian Home Cooking ($30).

The beautiful tome, full of charming family photographs and lush images shot by McCartney, weaves personal memories into the introductions to no-fuss recipes. (For instance, Sir Paul always referred to French toast as "eggy bread.")

McCartney, who was raised a vegetarian, pays homage to both her mother's American heritage (mac and cheese) and her father's English upbringing (shepherd's pie) in the book's homey dishes.

Our Test Kitchen made a batch of her zucchini and lemon spaghetti (see the recipe). Flecked with crumbled feta cheese and fresh sage and rosemary, the pasta is springtime on a plate: vibrant, fresh and fragrant. You could substitute whole-wheat or gluten-free pasta, if you choose.

Or just let it be.