Cocoa Kale Chips By Just Pure Foods

Just Pure Foods makes kale into a sweet treat

When we first saw Just Pure Foods' Cocoa Kale Chips, we thought that perhaps kale had finally jumped the shark–or that we were the victims of an April Fools' hoax (we weren't).

So when we finished an entire bag ($18 for three 2-ounce bags) in one sitting, we realized that the company is on to something.

Unlike other kale chip makers, Just Pure Foods has figured out how to gently balance the leaf's bitterness with sweet accompaniments, as evidenced in their Maple-Cranberry Kale-nola and Chocolate Kale-nola ($21 for three 2-ounce bags), made with sprouted pumpkin seeds. Each cluster is low-temperature-dried for chewy-crunchy perfection.

The snacks are all organic, raw, vegan and gluten-, nut- and yeast-free. We also enjoyed the company's savory offerings, such as Spicy Jalapeño Tomato Chips, Pesto Zucchini Chips and Crispy Onion Rings ($6 to $7 for a 1.5-ounce bag).

But we're still hailing the kale.