Sweet Potato Granola By Millchap Bakery

Millchap Bakery's all-natural sweet potato granola

We've had them mashed, roasted, puréed and fried.

But sweet potatoes in cereal? That we'd never tried, until we poured ourselves a bowl of Millchap Bakery's all-natural, low-fat granola ($28 for four 11-ounce packages).

North Carolina-based founders Jennifer Chapman and Michelle Miller wanted to reduce the fat in one of their favorite breakfast dishes, and turned to the state's abundance of sweet potatoes to provide sweetness and texture without the oil. The duo sources tubers from several local farmers, also using them in their line of savory sweet potato crackers ($24 for a 4-pack).

While they won't reveal exactly how the sweet potatoes are baked with the oats, Chapman and Miller's granola has the crisp, crunchy clusters you would expect from a fattier blend. Studded with almond slices and dried cranberries, the granola has no sodium and 13 grams of whole grains per serving.

Two new flavors are on the way–giving us more reasons not to be a tater hater.