Cherry Juices And Teas By Cheribundi

Cheribundi's antioxidant-packed cherry juices and teas

Waiting for summer to eat sour cherries really is the pits.

Enjoy the fruit year-round while reaping its nutritional benefits with Cheribundi's line of cherry juices ($12 for a four-pack).

Forget about their traditional role as pie filling: Cherries are higher in phytonutrients, such as phenolic acids and flavonoids, than the more publicized pomegranate, and contain high levels of vitamins A, B, potassium and iron. Cheribundi worked with Cornell University to ensure that the fruit maintained as many nutrients as possible.

None of this, however, speaks to the juice's authentic, delicious flavor: A bouquet of sweetness opens up to pleasant tartness in the line's five juices. We especially enjoyed the classic iteration, which packs the juice of 50 cherries into each 8-ounce bottle, and the Rebuild version, a smoother libation with the addition of whey protein for sustenance.

Cheribundi also has a line of cherry-infused teas, such as rooibos and jasmine, in retail stores.

That's nothing to be sour about.