Bamboo Steamer By Imusa

Cook healthfully with a new bamboo steamer from Imusa

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Giving your kitchen a makeover could cost less than your next meal.

Pick up an affordable piece of cookware that will inspire you to cook in a new way. The new Imusa bamboo steamer ($15), created exclusively for Target stores nationwide, makes healthful eating a snap.

Made from an eco-friendly material, simply place it over a wok or pot of simmering water with its lid on to trap the superheated steam. The bamboo absorbs the steam, preventing it from condensing onto the food, and the wet heat cooks lean proteins and vegetables quickly, without drying them out.

Place fish and chicken on the lower level of the steamer, closer to the heat source, then deck out the top level with an assortment of vegetables to create a balanced meal in under 10 minutes.

If steamed food sounds bland, experiment with sauces, rubs and salsas–or add fresh herbs and aromatics such as ginger, sliced citrus or coins of lemongrass to the steaming liquid to impart additional flavor.

A bamboo steamer is also the ideal vessel for cooking dumplings, whether homemade or store-bought, and you can even use it to bake a chocolate cake.

Watch your cooking pick up steam.