The Eatery: A New App

Track your eating habits with free app The Eatery

We see you Instagramming your lunch over there.

Put your smartphone-snapped food pics to better use with The Eatery, a free app devoted to healthy eating.

Here's how it works: Simply take a photo of your meal and upload it to the app, then rate how healthy you think the dish is overall, as well as how much you ate of it, on a simple sliding scale. Other users rate how healthy your dish is too, to give it an honest score.

The Eatery then tracks your eating habits by time of day–to see when and where you might be making bad choices–and whether you're improving over time. Instead of counting calories, you'll get a photo montage of your healthiest and most indulgent days of the week.

You can even invite Facebook friends to join you on the app, and can comment on each other's photos for an extra layer of support and accountability.

So even when dining solo, you're still in good company.