Hoardable Hot Sauces Are Addictive

Hoardable hot sauces may become a new obsession

We've discovered hot sauces that should come with a warning label.

Yes, the sauces are plenty spicy. But these condiments are so easy to consume, it's logical that husband-and-wife team Abby Yates and Jens Tschebull have christened their sustainable, sourced-in-Connecticut sauces ($12 for 5 ounces) "Hoardable."

One taste of the mild, vinegary Green Pepper Mix and we were hooked. We ratcheted up the heat with the more fiery Red Pepper Mix, and even burned the back of our throat with the intense Cruel & Unusual Punishment Ghost Pepper sauce. In fact, Yates and Tschebull can't keep up with the demand for the Ghost Pepper version. So when you find it online or in stores, you may want to stock up.

Each of the sauces is made with Connecticut-grown peppers, onions, carrots and garlic, sea salt from nearby Rhode Island, and vinegar. Because there are no preservatives, the sauces won't last forever.

Considering you will want to sprinkle them on everything from eggs to sandwiches to tacos to your favorite meat and seafood, we don't think that will be a problem.