Thanksgiving 2012 Dinner Party Menu

Our Thanksgiving dinner party

This Thanksgiving, we're swinging by the deli–and not just for a last minute ice run.

Those friendly neighborhood standbys were the inspiration for this year's holiday feast, from a celery soda-laced cocktail to a succulent, pastrami turkey breast.

To complement the classic Thanksgiving ingredients, we decorated the table in cranberry and holiday green. Traditional diner-style plates on white tablecloth hint at a celebratory meal without breaking out the fancy china.

Turn up the custom playlist and pour a round of fizzy CelRay Collins. Then a simple, startling centerpiece: pastrami-cured turkey breast. No bones. No muss. No fuss. There are also plenty of sides, of course, including mustard green salad, cranberry sauce with pickled mustard seeds and rye bread stuffing.

Send guests home–or to the couch–with rugelach hand pies filled with currants and walnuts. They're just sweet enough to round out the meal, and just small enough to justify seconds (or thirds).

Create an festive holiday feeling with a white tablecloth and candles.

Tip your hat to the deli tradition with a pastrami-cured turkey breast as the centerpiece.

Fizzy celery soda stars in a slightly sweet gin-based Collins cocktail.

Pickled mustard seeds add a pop of texture to a brilliant ruby red cranberry sauce.

The standard stuffing is made over with sauerkraut, sage and apples.

Skip the pumpkin pie in favor of rugelach hand pies studded with currants.