Jane's Jamz Organic Small-Batch James

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We're a sucker for a good mom-and-pop story.

Or, in the case of Jane's Jamz, a good mom story. Jane Marie was inspired to start her own handcrafted sweet and savory jam business ($8 for 12 ounces) after tasting a friend's tomato jam at a barbecue.

The Bay Area-based entrepreneur–and yes, mother–works with organic, local produce and cooks her jams in small batches to ensure freshness. None of the jams contain preservatives, corn syrup or artificial colors.

We're partial to her signature tomato jam, which toes the line between a purée and a salsa with flecks of onion, thyme, a squeeze of lemon and Sonoma sea salt. We also enjoyed her savory caramelized-onion jam, with its hint of apple cider vinegar. It would be delicious on grilled fish or meat, or as a mix-in to scrambled eggs.

For a more unusual concoction, try the sweet-tart kiwi-lime jam. Stir it into plain yogurt, or spread it with low-fat cream cheese on whole-wheat toast.

While Marie does use a pinch of organic sugar here and there, you can also order any of the jams sugar-free.

That's one detail we're really sweet on.