Three Apps To Help You Eat Healthy

Apps to help you eat healthy

We may as well put our phones to good use, considering how much we're on them. Let this handful of free apps help you make healthy, smart meal choices in only a few taps:

InBloom: Know where to eat organic at all times. This green-seeking app, co-created by one of the dudes in OK Go, allows you to search nearby restaurants and markets for sustainable, healthy meals, based on location, eco considerations, special offerings like "grass-fed beef" or "shade-grown coffee," and dietary preference, including gluten-free, raw, paleo and more.

HarvestMark Food Traceability: To truly know where your food comes from, use this app to scan the HarvestMark bar code or QR code on fruit, vegetables and poultry. You'll receive a report on where, say, your chicken came from, and whether it's subject to recall.

CSPI Chemical Cuisine: Ever wondered what an ingredient on a food label was? The Center for Science in the Public Interest's app helps you understand more than 130 food additives, along with safety ratings to help you make more educated choices at the market.