Tuna Apple Tartare Recipe From Scott Serpas

Green apple livens up a classic raw tuna dish

Other tuna tartares are about to turn green with envy.

The secret weapon in Scott Serpas' version (see the recipe), which he makes at Serpas True Food in Atlanta, Georgia, is none other than seasonally appropriate Granny Smith apples. The tart fruit cuts crisply through the fattiness of the tuna, adding a pleasant tang.

Unlike so many other iterations of the dish, Serpas' hits all the right flavor and textural notes, combining a spicy-sweet marinade with a healthy dose of Sriracha and toasted sesame oil, plus diced sushi-grade yellowfin tuna, red onion, creamy avocado and said apples.

As a nod to the restaurant's contemporary takes on Southern cuisine, the tartare is served in an old-timey peach Melba jar alongside a stack of house-made potato chips. To create an even more healthful appetizer, we suggest accompanying the tartare with rice crisps or homemade baked pita chips.

But no matter how you dice it, we'll be back for seconds.