Kombucha Desserts Hit The Shelves

Kombucha hits the freezer drawer

Kombucha is widely extolled as a wellness elixir, and so rarely strays from the health-food aisle.

Imagine our delight, then, on seeing frozen versions of the fizzy, fermented tea pop up in desserts across the country. The virtuous drink's effervescence and tang add a unique element to summer shakes, cones and more. Here are three ways to dive in:

Scoop It: Small-batch purveyor Steve's Ice Cream sells pints of kombucha sorbet in two flavors on the East Coast: spicy ginger-strawberry and an exotic fruit blend. Top with either shaved coconut or candied ginger, or skip the formalities and spoon it straight from the pint.

Spoon It: Snow cones never tasted so good. San Diego-based Edible Alchemy has offered Mexican-style raspados–shaved ice infused with kombucha–at its summer market stands.

Sip It: Eschewing root beer, KindKreme in Los Angeles reinvents the classic float by pouring kombucha over house-made dairy-free "icekremes." Combinations like ginger and coconut (click here for a recipe) are a light, bubbly finish to a summer meal.