Veggie-Go's Dried Fruit And Vegetable Snacks

Veggie-Go's gives fruit leathers a good name

A lot of fruit leather smells of scratch-and-sniff stickers and has the taste of a wing tip.

Veggie-Go's dehydrated fruit strips ($28 for a 20-pack) are fruit planks of a different stripe: Think of these chews as the grown-up, healthy alternative to the fruit leather of your childhood.

John and Lisa McHugh, he an engineer and she a certified personal trainer based in Boulder, Colorado, source as much organic produce as possible through local farmers' markets. They then simply purée the fruit and vegetables, and dehydrate the result. The duo tinkered in the kitchen for months to tweak flavor combinations–and it shows.

Vitamin- and antioxidant-rich varieties like Carrot Ginger and Mountain Berry Spinach (with apples, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and sweet potato) pack so much punch, you'll be surprised there's no added sugar. Sweet Potato Pie (made only of sweet potatoes, apples, pecans and spices) tastes remarkably like a slice of its namesake.

Although the strips should be treated more as a quick pick-me-up than a hearty snack, each one contains a half-serving each of fruit and vegetables.