Here's What Michael Strahan Likes To Eat

Breaking eggs with the Hall-of-Famer and GMA co-host

New York Giants Hall-of-Famer and Good Morning America co-host Michael Strahan has been home recovering from Covid-19, but assured us he's on the mend. In the meantime, here's his prediction on the Super Bowl and his two-cents on food in an interview with Tasting Table's founder, John McDonald.

John McDonald: OK, the clock is ticking: Let's go. First thing's first: Tampa Bay or Kansas City?  

Michael Strahan: My heart says Tampa, but my head says KC. 

So lately, you've been cooking up a storm: Love the #chefboyarstray thing you have going. Were you always passionate about cooking, or is this new pandemic action? 

I always enjoyed cooking, but time was always an issue. The pandemic definitely has given me more time than I've ever had to get into it — and I love it. As they say, "food is love." When you take the time and care to prepare a nice meal, it's a way of giving love to the family or friends you're feeding. 

Was there someone in your family or friends that inspired you to get cooking? And if you had President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris coming over for dinner, what would you cook for them?

My mom, of course, is a great cook, and my girlfriend is a trained chef, so she has been very inspiring and encouraging. For President Biden, I feel like I'd have to break out the meat and potatoes. Nothing fancy, just to the point. And for Vice President Harris, I'd prepare some soul food.

If I hand you three eggs, how would you break them, and how would you cook them?

I'd crack them on the edge of the pan and scramble them: Two egg whites and one whole. 

The Giants drafted you in 1993; that was the year I opened up my first place, MercBar in Soho. A lot has changed since then in the bar/restaurant world: What has changed the most in the NFL?

For the NFL, the times have really changed regarding penalties for what is seen as aggressive play. Pass interference is called now for breathing, which is no fun to watch. 

I also think the rules that protect the quarterback make it tough for the defensive linemen to be aggressive. The game has been geared toward offense and points because that's what the fans want to see. 

I know you're serious about eating healthy, but what is your cheat day like?  Do you ever eat fast food? 

I eat pretty healthy all the time but do allow for a cheat day. If it's something I've really been craving, I will have it, but I don't overeat as I used to when I was playing sports.  

A cheat day for me will be one meal that's out of line: a burger, mac and cheese, french fries, ice cream, cookies. I'm getting hungry talking about it. I do occasionally eat fast food, but not often at all.  My two favorites would be Shake Shack and Chick-fil-A. 

Favorite cocktail? Also, it seems like everyone has their own tequila these days. What's your pick?

I love a nice tequila on the rocks. When golfing, I like a transfusion, and, after golf, a Moscow mule. My relaxing summer drink is an Aperol spritz with a splash of orange juice. As far as tequila goes, there are too many to pick out one! 

It's been a wild year with the pandemic and not much social activity. When it's behind us, who would you like to invite over for dinner if you could have anyone, let's say, six people?

My mom, girlfriend, and all four of my kids: Family. 

Where do you love to dine when you're in Los Angeles? And New York? 

In LA, I enjoy the Rooftop by JG at the Waldorf Astoria. In New York, I love JoJo and The Mark, also by Jean-Georges Vongerichten: basically, anything by JG. Also, you know I love your own Lure Fishbar and Bowery Meat Company – and I get to see [chef Josh] Capon, too.

What is always in your refrigerator, no matter what? 

I always have eggs, fresh fruit, greens, juice, water, and, of course, tequila. 

If you ever opened up your own restaurant, what would that look like?  

I wouldn't open a restaurant. All my chef friends told me you have to be willing to put in 20-hour days for the most part, and at this stage in my life, I'm too lazy.  

Very smart of you, although I'm not sure you would ever qualify as lazy.  Last one: You will celebrate your 50th birthday soon. What is your dream meal for that occasion?  

Steaks and lamb chops off the grill. Homemade pizza out of my pizza oven. Grilled vegetables. My mom's chocolate cake. And a lot of tequila.

Time is up: Have a great Super Bowl week — and let's see if you picked the winner.