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The 2021 Tasting Table: The brand you know and love, followed by over a million subscribers, has awakened after a pandemic-length hibernation. This is where you'll rekindle your love of restaurants and the people who make them great. In addition to chefs, you'll meet the somms and servers and bakers and baristas who continue to offer us something delicious. 

We'll revisit stunning spaces that you've long admired, along with dazzlers you haven't yet seen. We'll point to the best options for takeout as well as under-the-radar pop-ups. In short, we're eating high and low, far and wide to bring you discerning dining advice, news you can use, profiles you'll devour, videos and pics you'll enjoy, and recipes you can trust. 

More than ever, we're reminding ourselves why we love restaurants: We want to celebrate the people who work hard, who grow our food, prepare our dishes, and pour our drinks. We want to embrace this diverse industry and help rebuild. And we want to help you feel more connected to New York and beyond. 

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