Best Canned White Wine & Rosé To Drink For Summer 2019

Pop cans, not bottles: of rosé, red sangria, fizzy whites & more

Scoff all you like, but it looks like the canned wine trend isn't fading any time soon. What was initially a niche category has officially gone mainstream. According to Beverage Media, sales of canned wine increased 69 percent in 2018, with volume up nearly 50 percent compared to the previous year. As more and more innovative winemakers take the hint, the selections available on the market are becoming better than ever before. 

Plus, canned wines offer a ton of perks: They're conveniently portable, chill to perfection in no time, come in party packs or single servings, and they're environmentally friendly with a low carbon footprint and higher recycling rate than glass. Dive into the wonderful world of canned wines and start your summer with one of these noteworthy new releases.

Lil Fizz by No Fine Print Wine Co.

Launched in mid-June, Lil Fizz is the latest addition to No Fine Print Wine Co.'s lineup of delicious varietals. Despite its recent debut, the canned newcomer has already made quite a splash in the world of wine. The slightly fizzy white blend contains a bright and balanced combination of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. 

Beach Juice Rosé

If you thought the rosé craze was over, think again. Countless canned rosés have been popping up recently, but one of the best new labels is Beach Juice. Each can is unapologetically summery, from its playful ocean-themed packaging to its crisp and fruity tasting profile. The combination of flavors like strawberry, cranberry and watermelon make it the perfect addition for a beachside barbeque, picnic in the park or afternoon by the pool.

Red Sangria from Round Barn Winery

After more than two decades of selling wine exclusively from its collection of properties in Southwest Michigan's wine country, beloved Round Barn Winery has finally entered the retail channel with their craft canned wines. Introduced in mid-May, the first two flavors in the portfolio include Red Sangria and Crantini. Made with grapes grown on the winery's vineyards and natural fruit concentrates, you won't find any high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or fake flavors in these 12-ounce cans. 


Launched in May 2019, Shamps is the brand new canned sparkling wine people have been waiting for. Made with only the finest, all-natural ingredients (and no artificial flavors), the effervescent 12-ounce cans come in a convenient six-pack—making it way less cumbersome to carry around than a big old glass bottle of bubbly.


Made in New York, VINNY was launched to create a wine that held up the traditionally high standards of the industry while incorporating the ease of a canned beverage and shining a spotlight on the Finger Lakes wine region. The brand new VINNY BLANC offers a refreshing blend of Grüner Veltliner and Dry Riesling with zesty notes of citrus and green apple.