Best Pizza Slice In NYC 2019

If pizza had a yearbook, this would be the superlatives page

Searching for the absolute best pizza in New York City is an inherently flawed mission. There's a time and a place for all shades of pizza experiences: 2 a.m. slices and full sit-down affairs being equally valid. Instead, we're doling out superlatives to NYC's beloved pizza, yearbook style.

Best Slice: Joe's Pizza

This busy West Village hotspot has been crushing the late-night slice game since 1975. It's perfectly foldable and still tastes good even if you aren't coming off a night at the bars. Reminder: Joe's is and always has been cash only.

Best Standard Pie: Di Fara

Located on Avenue J in Midwood, Di Fara's has been crafting sought-after, top-notch slices for nearly 55 years, focusing on high-quality and fresh ingredients. At 81 years old, founder Domenico DeMarco can still be found running shop, snipping fresh basil over piping hot pies.

Best BYOB Joint: Lucali

Beloved by all from Beyoncé to neighborhood locals, Lucali's fresh toppings, spectacular sauce and excellent craftsmanship make it a must-visit. Plus, there's no need to settle for an afterthought of a wine list when you can bring your favorite bottle. 

Best Gluten-Free Pizza: Kesté

Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free: When it comes to accommodating all forms of dietary restrictions, Kesté can do it all. Don't miss the homemade burrata and butternut squash toppings. 

Best 'Old School' Pizzeria – Patsy's East Harlem

You can't just head to any Patsy's; the original is the place to be. This historic location first opened its doors on First Avenue in 1933 and has always stuck to what it's done best: quality original pies.

Best Drinks List – Pasquale Jones 

Don't let subpar booze kill a good pizza experience. The wine list is curated by the same brains behind Charlie Bird and Legacy Records, two other NYC spots known for their killer wine programs

Best 'Worth the Hype': Roberta's

At this point, Roberta's really needs no introduction. But yes, the pizza is that good. Grab a spot at the communal picnic tables and enjoy a drink from the tiki bar while you wait for your pie.