Wine To Serve For Easter 2019

They also work with brunch and chocolate bunny midday snacks

Finding the perfect wines to serve with Easter dinner doesn't have to be as herculean a task as not eating your chocolate bunny in one go. Despite a variety of dishes and seasonal ingredients (not to mention varying preferences among your many family members), these four selections are sure to pair with Easter brunch or dinner.

Dry Rosé

High-quality rosés are actually some of the most versatile wines to serve on the dinner table, thanks to their high-acidity, fruit-forwardness and overall refreshing character. Grab a few bottles from various regions to see just how complementary these globally produced wines can be.

Recommended producers: Clos Cibonne, Terrassen, Bieler Père & Fils, Matthiasson


Rack of lamb, meet savory Syrah. The wine's robust tannins and dark fruit flavors gorgeously complement the meat's layered flavor and texture. The Northern Rhone will always be a go-to region for Syrah, but California's Ballard Canyon is certainly giving France a run for its money. Grab a bottle of each for an Old World vs. New World taste-off.

Recommended producers: Aurélien Chatagnier, Herve Souhaut, Pax Mahle Wines, Stolpman Vineyards


Contrary to popular belief, not all Riesling is sweet. But for those who do like a bit of sweetness, grabbing a bottle with some residual sugar is ideal for spicier dishes, as well as glazed Easter ham.

Recommended producers: Julien Haart, Empire Estate, Trimbach

 Sparkling Wine

Because no holiday feels complete without a bottle of bubbles. If Champagne is out of budget, a bottle of zesty Cava or traditional sparkling from other regions make for an an equally delicious experience. Serve as an aperitif before dinner, throughout the duration of the meal, or with all those Easter bunny treats for dessert.

Recommended producers: Champagne A.R. Lenoble, Laherte Freres, Raventos i Blanc (Cava)