Miele Best Kitchen Appliances

Miele's well-designed, high-tech appliances will elevate your cooking experience

No matter what level your cooking skills are at, your kitchen appliances set the stage for success. That's why we turned to Miele to outfit The Commons by Tasting Table: With quality home appliances that are equipped with useful technology, it's hard to beat the results—or the clean design aesthetic.

The highly efficient induction cooktops conserve energy and heat food twice as fast as gas burners can manage. This makes dinner parties and events a breeze—as does the double convection wall oven, which includes a wireless meat probe and a MasterChef program for recipe exploration. Miele is also behind the well-organized MasterCool refrigerator, which is disguised as cabinetry in The Commons to blend into the overall aesthetic of the kitchen and the powerful vent hood.

Tasting Table

Other highlights include:

• Under-counter wine storage that can hold up to 34 bottles at two different temperatures, so that your dessert wine stays crisp without over-chilling a bold Merlot

• A countertop coffee system that lets you be your own barista and make your preferred coffee drink in one touch

• An award-winning, Energy Star-rated dishwasher that's refreshingly quiet and provides a quick, spotless clean

With Miele's appliances on hand, we're able to see our events through to successful completion—from organizing groceries in the spacious refrigerator all the way to pressing "start" on the dishwasher at the end of the night.