The Commons Philips Hue Lighting

With Philips Hue, you change the look of a space with just the tap of your finger

In a world where everything from a salad order to shampoo is endlessly customizable, there's no reason why your overhead lighting shouldn't be also. And no one knows that more than the experts at Philips Hue, who've created a personal wireless system that turns everyday lighting into an extraordinary experience. 

With 16 million colors and every possible shade of white light (50,000, to be precise), you can instantly change the look and mood of your space with the tap of your finger. That's why we've equipped The Commons by Tasting Table with these innovative light bulbs and can now go from morning meeting to cocktail hour with barely any effort.

You can complement the bulbs with flexible Lightstrips that attach to any solid surface, bringing both decorative and functional lighting under cabinets, bar carts and more. Plus, this system works with a full range of smart devices, so you can bring your home to life in whichever way works best for you.