The Best Ice Cream Flavor For Fall With Maple And Squash

Your Thanksgiving pie deserves a scoop of Mapled Squash & Ginger Cookies

"You must consume this ice cream right this very minute" is not typically a phrase associated with October 26, but here we are.

Mapled Squash & Ginger Cookies isĀ the latest stand-out flavor from Santa Barbara ice cream gem McConnell's, featuring roasted kabocha squash, maple syrup and homemade spice-forward cookies. Not only is it everything perfect about fall distilled into one pint of ice cream, but it's a collaboration with the award-winning Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo of Jon & Vinny's: Consider it the most west coast way possible to get a taste of New England fall.

You don't have to be in California to try it though; in addition to landing a limited-time spot on McConnell's scoop shop menus and L.A. restaurant Son of a Gun, pints are available to ship nationwide.

That apple pie isn't going to a la mode itself, so start thinking ahead to your Thanksgiving dessert plan and stock up on a pint or seven before they're gone for the season.